Paddy Power celebrates unsung heroes with ‘You Beauty’ campaign


Paddy Power has launched its latest multi-channel brand advertising campaign ‘You Beauty’ celebrating sports’ unsung heroes.

The UK-wide campaign developed by Paddy Power lead creative agency Lucky Generals sees the bookmaker drop its long term strapline ‘Paddy Power – You’re Welcome!’ and adopt new slogan ‘Paddy Power You Beauty’’.

Paddy Power marketing has created two TV-spots; ‘The Steward’ and ‘The Race Goer’ celebrating sports’ unsung heroes through music and comedy.

The bookmaker officially launched its ‘You Beauty’ campaign this weekend, airing its ‘The Steward’ slot during the halftime break of the Premier League match between Manchester United vs Arsenal broadcast on Sky Sports 1 (12:30 – 19 November).

Channel 4 Racing’s Sunday broadcast would see the launch of the bookmaker’s ‘The Race Goer’ ad-slot. As multi-channel brand campaign Paddy Power will promote the ‘You Beauty’ campaign across TV, radio, print and social media formats.

Speaking to UK marketing news source, Mark Singleton Marketing Director of Paddy Power Betfair detailed that the bookmaker wanted to focus on ‘Value and Product’ propositions.

“The intention of this campaign was to get back to our roots – be a bit sharp-witted, be a bit irreverent – hence a brand campaign,” Singleton commented.

Paddy Power – ‘You Beauty’ campaign