Getting Bored of Hearing About Tiger Woods’ Woes and the Ryder Cup? Come and Learn to Play Baccarat!

Most of the large TV networks around the world are showing the Ryder Cup action from Wales. If you are a golf fan than you’re probably planning on tuning a quite a bit when you have the chance to see how things are progressing on the fairways and greens. Even though this big golfing event is entertaining to watch you can’t help but grow a bit tired of seeing and listening to all of the hype surrounding this event. Reporters are talking on and on about Tiger Woods and his troubles. You know, his Swedish wife up and left him and is going to end up draining Tiger’s bank account in alimony and on and on.

When you’re ready for a break from the Ryder Cup and are a bit tired of hearing about Tiger and his problems, why not take a few minutes and head over to GuruPlay to learn how to play baccarat? GuruPlay is a place where you can experience a whole new dimension in online gaming because it is a LIVE casino. What’s that you ask? GuruPlay is one of the world’s only premier online casinos that features real, live dealers. That’s right. There are dealers, real live people on your computer screen running the baccarat games, the live bingo, live poker and live blackjack tables. These attractive and personable guys and gals interact with you, chat with you and even give you a few hits and suggestions which could very well increase your odds.

Playing live baccarat at GuruPlay is great fun. It’s really a very simple game to master yet it is one of those great casino games that will keep you on the edge of your seat! The objective of baccarat is to draw on a 2 or 3 card hand that totals closer to 9 than the banker. If your total is over ten, you drop the ten. So a 7-9 hand totals to 6 (16, drop ten). There is no ”bust” hand in baccarat. It’s great fun and you could win a lot of money very quickly in this game.

It’s super easy and fast to set up an account at GuruPlay. Plus, new players get a whopping £300 in bonus money, which is really great. Choose your payment method – and there are many, believe me and then go hit the baccarat table and play a few free practice rounds until you get the hang of it.

Of course, don’t forget that you were watching the Ryder Cup because the chances are you will get so caught up in the live action that it may slip your mind that you were watching golf to begin with! GuruPlay is one of the most user-friendly live online casinos there is. It is a great place to try your luck playing all types of casino games. The slot machine action is hot at GuruPlay as are the mini slots, live poker tables, live blackjack tables and the roulette wheel. Be sure to bookmark the page on your browser so you can stop back the next time there’s a break in the action at the Ryder Cup!

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