Guru Play Casino Loves the New York Knicks

The New York Knicks just wrapped up their four day visit in Milan on Sunday. Every practice drew drones of Italian reporters and every game drew thousands of fans. While the Knicks are still savoring their 125-113 win over Milano the team is now focused on today’s game against the Minnesota Timberwolves in Paris for the second game of the European exhibition tour.

GuruPlay Casino loves the New York Knicks and the folks at this top European online casino will be tuning in to watch what is sure to be a thriller. If you too are a big Knicks fan there is little doubt that you are going to catch all of the action in today’s match-up. However, before the game maybe you’d like to try your luck in Europe’s premier online casino, GuruPlay. At GuruPlay you can experience the thrills of playing live baccarat, live blackjack and live roulette. If you have never played live games like these online then you’re in for a real treat! Each of these live dealer casino games are broadcast from GuruPlay’s own London studios and are presented by fully licensed dealers to offer you the feel of a land-based casino right from the comfort of your own home.

Maybe once the Knicks have finished with the Timberwolves you’d enjoy a bit of post-game excitement by taking a few spins on GuruPlay slot machines. Who knows? You might end up striking it rich on one of the new games such as the exciting Thrill Spin, Lucky Double or Fortune Teller virtual slot machines. The graphics are second-to-none and you will absolutely feel like you are sitting inside your favorite real-life casino when you try your luck at GuruPlay.

This top-rated online casino also offers some quick action on it’s nice selection of Mini Games where the jackpots are growing by the minute. These mini games such as Vault Assault, Mini Roulette and Mini Blackjack are super fun to play and the action is very fast paced. You can even play these games at time-outs during the Knicks-Timeberwolves game as a nice diversion from the round-ball action.

If you have never played at GuruPlay it only takes you a minute or two to get started. You need to just open an account, deposit some money using one of the many available payment methods and then choose your game. It’s very easy and guaranteed to be one of the best online gaming experiences you have ever had. Plus, you can take advantage of the new player bonus offered at GuruPlay. Just by signing up for an account and making your first deposit you can collect a remarkable 150% match bonus of up to 300 GBP on your first deposit. This is the largest live casino bonus available online and an offer you surely do not want to miss taking advantage of.

GuruPlay has all of the casino action you could ever dream of and then some.
Here’s to wishing the Knickerbockers success and cheers to you as well in all of your GuruPlay action!

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