Blackjack heat.

“Ok, so the moment is mine, my facedown cards are before me.  Now`s the moment.  The destiny of everyone in this table is in my hands.  My method`s perfect.  I give an unconcerned look around, leean back on my chair while crossing my legas, half amused watching the whole deal end.  Then I extend my left hand, take the cards, and arrange them in smooth, elegant moves of my right thumb.  Finally I take a deep breath and look at my game.”

This can be the beggining of a great moment… or will it end up quick and depressing?  Anyone who plays blackjack can tell you that this exitement is all life is about.  So when looking for an online experience, i always resort to the best: Only a live casino session will suffice for the real, die hard, blackjack player.  Nothing less.  And that`s exactly what is there to offer.  Will everyone shout in exitement at each play in a streak?  Will i finally break the bank this time?  Emotion consumes me when i`m in the heat.  And i thrive for the real game.  No less.  So is the place i`ll resort to in case of “getting to business” via web.   Besides, all the bonuses, advantages and offers you can get on our tables largely beats a trip to the buffet. Just get yourself our 300 euro bonus after signing up and we`ll talk sandwiches and beer.  Cheers.

“Now here`s a fact.  You`re not going to feel the cards in your hand, cause you won`t be there”, is a cry our worst esceptics will let out, and that is absolutely true.  Nothing is going to beat being there, for those of us who actually have to be there.  But rest assured that our profesional,   gourgeous croupiers, our live tables, the whole magic of our realtime game experience will allow you to be there in other situations, without the risks or disadvantages of going out these days, and bypassing fhe dreaded “family vs game” attitudes that somewhat hovers around player`s  hobbies.  Guruplayer goes home with you.  Absolute privacy, financial discrecion is our motto.  And the odds you`re facing are the real odds you`d face in the casino.  And that is all it`s about.  I, personally, like to get home from work, spend the evening with my kids, make supper with my wife and have it famuily fashion, and when everybody`s in bed, I have a nice hour of game, in which i feel the emotion, the exitement to be “in the play”, as far as it goes, without having to miss out on the ones you love.  No waiting untill weekends, in lines, no dangerous, tiresome, half-drunk trips back home.  Just me in my bathrobe, sipping a cold glass of whatever i feel like sipping, having some decent online fun n my spare time.  And it might only be  an hour, maybe more.  But it`s the best time of the day, so please, no fakes.  Just and it`s final.

“Are we coming home together?”

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