Casumo’s first Quest of the year!

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Casumo and the mystery of the jungle tiles

Dear adventurer, it’s time to pack your backpack and get ready for the first Casumo Challenge of the year!

Select challenge Easy, Medium or Hardcore, play your favorite casino games and complete all the casino missions on the jungle path. Great rewards are lined up along the route, and everyone who complete the challenge before 22d February will win the ultimate prize. Are you ready for your first great Casumo Challenge of the year? Then stop reading and get going! We give you a flying start with

5 free spins in Jack and the Beanstalk when you log in.

This is how it works:


  1. Log in.
  1. Click the symbol under Valuables.
  1. Select one of the three challenges (Easy, Medium or Hardcore)  and let the adventure begin!


The valuable self destructs 2015-02-13 23:59. The challenge is on between 12th Feb 2015 and 22d Feb 2015 and you can start your challenge anytime you like.

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