Crownbet fined for breaking NSW advertising laws

CrownbetThe Liquor & Gaming Board of New South Wales has fined Australian online bookmaker CrownBet AUS $20,000 in fines for breaching advertising laws relating to the promotion of gambling services.

Crownbet marketing was convicted of five counts of publishing content which featured consumer inducements to gamble.

The bookmaker is said to have published advertisements on its website including bonus rewards offer for the AFL Grand Final, NBA and the Melbourne Cup.

NSW betting regulations prohibit bookmakers from publishing promotions or inducements that may encourage gambling

This week Crownbet management pleaded guilty to all five charges. Releasing a statement CrownBet said it was “cognisant and respectful” of the regulations and was disappointed that internal administrative errors had caused the breaches.

“Working closely with the Office of liquor and gaming, CrownBet has since made significant improvements to its processes and systems to ensure ongoing compliance with the regulations.” Crownbet further added

The bookmaker’s advertising penalties come, following numerous NSW Liquor & Gaming Board warnings in 2015 to bookmakers that the regulator would toughen its stance on industry marketing practices such as bonus inducements.


Source: SBC News