Tipbet upgrades marketing dynamics with NetRefer

Updating the market, European bookmaker Tipbet has informed that it will integrate a further two new products offered by industry player acquisition and affiliate software provider NetRefer, as the company looks to optimise its digital channels.

Tipbet marketing furthers its relationship with NetRefer, who currently supply the bookmaker with its affiliate marketing platform and provisions.

Moving forward Tipbet will integrate NetRefer’s new ‘Performance Marketing Intelligence Platform’, allowing for better data gathering, user insights and client decision making.

NetRefer will further supply Tipbet with its Customer Engagement Platform in partnership with Optinize, to track, monitor and adjust affiliate and customer journeys by running fully-fledged integrated email and SMS campaigns.

Timothy Soner Gurelli, COO at Tipbet detailed that a greater partnership with NetRefer was needed in order for the bookmaker to actively engage with its users and traffic.

“We are excited about the potential of our cooperation with NetRefer for both the Customer Engagement Platform and PMI. In different ways, these will both make a positive difference to Tipbet and will help to facilitate further growth going forward.”

Timothy Buttigieg, COO at NetRefer, said: “We are delighted to sign PMI and our Customer Engagement Platform (Optinize) to Tipbet. We look forward to empowering Tipbet with all the necessary tools to enhance their marketing mix.”

Source: SBC News