Open dialogue…Industry Charities’ launch ‘Responsible Gambling Week’

Seeking to improve dialogue across all gambling sectors and raise consumer awareness, industry charities GambleAware and GamCare have launched the first ‘Responsible Gambling Week’ from 12-18 October 2017.

The first-ever Responsible Gambling Week has been developed on the core theme of “Let’s Talk About Responsible Gambling”, with GambleAware and GamCare wanting all industry stakeholders to have open dialogues on ‘what it means to be responsible in gambling?’

“We want to raise awareness amongst customers and the wider public about how to gamble responsibly, the tools that are available to keep gambling safe and fun, and where anyone can find help and support for those who need it.”

In order to help drive the message of ‘responsible play’, GambleAware and GamCare industry partners will be leading a number of initiatives during the week, including:

  • Posters, leaflets, banners and other information points about Responsible Gambling Week are being rolled out across the country in gambling venues, on industry websites and on social media channels, encouraging conversations about gambling responsibly
  • The industry is working with GamCare and its partners to establish dedicated information points around the UK that will be available to the general public throughout the week
  • Staff at gambling venues and online sites will continue to be points of contact for their customers on how to gamble responsibly
  • Our partners GambleAware and GamCare will also be raising awareness about responsible gambling through their websites and communication channels
  • Online chatrooms and interactive Q&A sessions on social media through dedicated Twitter and Facebook accounts will help to engage discussions about responsible gambling more broadly
  • An event will be held in Parliament to help brief politicians on what it means to gamble responsibly and what they can do to share the message with their constituents

Industry stakeholders wanting to take part in first ‘Responsible Gambling Week’ should contact [email protected]

Source: SBC News